Public Transit and Mobility Shuttles

In looking at public transportation, not all cities and towns have the same demand for large capacity buses that seat 60 to 80 people. Buses in small towns and rural areas, for instance, can often go unfilled, making them a less than ideal choice for cost effectiveness in the public sector. Keeping fares low and maintaining wide service coverage becomes difficult when we look at the inefficiencies of traditional buses in some areas of the country. Buses cost upwards of $600,000 to purchase and have operating costs as great as $25 per passenger in a single hour when there is low commuter usage. Simply put, if a transit agency isn’t recovering its fares, it could stand to lose voter support for tax measures that increase its funding. This is where Sunset Vans’ vehicles come in.

Ford Transit 250 EL

At Sunset Vans, our full-size vans offer economical alternatives to standard city buses and shuttles. Commuters value speed, comfort, safety, and cost among other things, all of which you can still get with our Ford Transit 250 EL Hybrid and RAM ProMaster.  With seating for up to 15 passengers and 1 wheelchair, the van offers minibus passenger capacity with several customizable floorplans. The Transit XL hybrid conversion boasts a fuel economy of anywhere between 19 to 31 MPG. All of these features edge out your typical bus at a fraction of the price; the 5-year cost to own this Ford Transit is only about $62,000.

We at Sunset Vans control the manufacturing process with our own facility, so we can fulfill hundreds of units on a moment’s notice. With 500 units already in stock, we guarantee rapid delivery. Contact us to see how we can transform your transit for cost effectiveness and sustainability.