Driver Safety Partition | Negative Pressure Vehicle

Sunset Vans will be releasing a negative pressure transport vehicle with a driver safety partition that separates the driver and passenger cabins. This partition improves driver safety when transporting patients that may be at risk of spreading illness. The new safety partition will be available on Ford Transit 130WB and 148WB vehicles, it can also be installed on existing Sunset Vans vehicles. Sunset Vans is dedicated to supporting our community during these hard times. We are available to provide immediate deliveries with over 250 vehicles in stock. Final design to be released soon. Please contact us for more information: 562-291-6691

Covid Transportation Van
Negative Pressure Van
Covid Transporation Vechicle
  • Sealed Partition Separating Driver and Passenger Cabins

  • Negative Pressure Passenger Cabin

  • Ultra Violet Disinfectant Lamps

  • HEPA Filtration for Passenger Cabin

  • Wheelchair and Gurney Accessible

  • ABS Interior Kit (Easy to Sanitize)

  • Ozone Disinfection

  • Oxygen Tank Holder

  • Vehicles Ready for Immediate Delivery