Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Routine medical examinations are vital to a healthy community. But the fragile members of our communities can’t always rely on their family and friends for transportation to healthcare services. Normal public transit can be insufficiently equipped and dangerous for commuters who have specialized needs. A dialysis patient who needs to reach his or her appointment doesn’t want to deal with extended waits at bus stops, transferring lines that require walking between stops, and poorly spaced buses incapable of securing special needs equipment.

RAM ProMaster

And these specialized needs aren’t limited to those with permanent disabilities. People who have undergone surgery, have acute injuries, and/or take medication that causes impairment are just as vulnerable, which puts driving themselves out of the question. You can imagine how a person in a cast on his/her legs and arms might feel having to take a small Uber ride or boarding a crowded bus. For all of these at-risk populations, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provides crucial support to those who cannot safely travel through standard transit.

Ford Transit Connect

In California, NEMT services are provided to all recipients of Medi-Cal. Many hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and senior living homes provide NEMT services as well. These NEMT services are provided through contractors that buy and manage fleets of NEMT-ready vehicles. When it comes to buying NEMT vehicles, service providers and families look to Sunset Vans as an industry leader. At Sunset Vans, we pride ourselves on ease of accessibility and intuitive features in all of the vehicles we sell.

RAM ProMaster City

  • For balance in value and performance, the Ford Transit Connect, a midsize version of the Ford Transit, offers spacious seating that supports up to 7 passengers, or 5 passengers and 1 wheelchair. On top of the generous floor plan, the Ford Transit Connect boasts up to 28 MPG fuel economy which translates to nearly 50% savings on fuel costs versus full size vans.
  • For extended features and value, the RAM ProMaster City comes with seating arrangements for up to 7 passengers, or 5 passengers and 1 wheelchair. This vehicle comes with Sunset Vans’ rear-entry conversion which is fully crash tested and fully compliant to both Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and California Air Resources Board. Auto-retracting wheelchair restraints and in-motion auto locks provide intuitive safety features for peace of mind.

We always have units stocked, so a wheelchair or gurney van can be shipped to you in a matter of days.  Or if you’re looking to convert a compatible vehicle, we sell conversion kits to outfit your vehicle with the latest in ADA-accessible technology. Our customer service doesn’t just stop once you’ve purchased a vehicle either. We keep a full inventory of required parts—tie downs, lift parts, and other accessories— for further conversion and maintenance needs. Come see what has made Sunset Vans so successful for nearly five decades.