“America’s Most Efficient Mobility Van” is not really a van at all; it’s actually more like a beefed up wagon. Despite this, the Ram ProMaster City is no slouch when it comes to utility and affordability, undercutting competing minivans in cost-to-own comparisons by up to $5000.


Introduced to the states in 2015, the ProMaster City comes from a long line of compact vans that have appeared in fleets all over Europe since 2000. In the EU, it is known as the “Fiat Doblò,” and it received the “2006 International Van of the Year” award by a jury comprised of 19 different countries. Prior to its arrival in the US, the Fiat Doblò received some serious upgrades for urban operations, and it was renamed accordingly.

When we’re talking about the ProMaster City’s features, we’re talking best-in-class—biggest cargo volume (131.7 cubic feet) and best standard horsepower (178-horsepower). And the best part? The ProMaster City’s 5-year cost-to-own consistently ranks number one among all minivans. Kelly Blue Book, Car and Driver, Edmunds, and Motor Trend all share the same sentiment: the price/performance ratio is a cut above the rest.

Whether you’re in the business of non-emergency medical transportation or a family looking for great value, the ProMaster City is unquestionably the most cost effective wheelchair van on the market. Sunset Vans is selling both the 2017 and 2018 models. We currently have a clearance on the 2017 Ram ProMaster City, which is now being sold for $33,995 (MSRP: $41,995). To browse our inventory Click Here.