2018 Ford Transit Hybrid XL Package

At Sunset Vans, our commitment to reliable transportation means we aren’t just outfitting cars for handicap-accessibility; we’re also utilizing the latest hybrid technology under the hood. The XL hybrid conversion for the 2018 Ford Transit delivers huge, sustainable performance without putting a dent in the environment.


Hybrid Technology

For better cost-efficiency and savings the motor adds an electric assist to the vehicle’s existing gas engine, thus creating a hybrid system designed to maximize fuel economy and mileage.



Through a process known as “regenerative braking,” the electric motor assists in slowing the vehicle during braking and uses that energy to recharge the hybrid battery. When a driver accelerates, the hybrid battery releases the stored energy back into the electric motor in order to help propel the vehicle. Telematics within the hybrid system uses GPS and on-board diagnostics to track a vehicle’s exact location and speed. All that data can be cross-referenced to monitor how a car is internally behaving minute by minute.



Safety and Performance

Electric drive systems thrive in high-traffic cities, places where stop-and-go commuting is a way of life. These are the places where demand for non-emergency medical transportation is the greatest. With regenerative braking, vehicles have an average increase of 25% in miles per gallon and an overall reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. No need to worry about extra maintenance; the upkeep of the car remains largely the same. Automobile manufacturers are so confident in the hybrid technology that they will continue to honor warranties on vehicles outfitted with XL hybrid systems. Even in the event of a catastrophic failure in the hybrid system—a highly unlikely probability as it is – the worst case scenario is that you’re left with an ordinary gas-powered car.


Going Green

The advantages of a hybrid system extend beyond fuel economy as well. Fleets looking to hybridize are very attractive to state contacts that are looking to “go green.” Organizations such as the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CALACT) seek to partner with green fleets and often provide tremendous member benefits, such as lucrative contracts that encourage the purchase of more eco-friendly vehicles.


Find Out More

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