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New/Used Wheelchair & Gurney Vans for Sale

At Sunset Vans we know how hard it can be to find what you are looking for.  We specialize in manufacturing conversions to meet your needs. We always have new and used vehicles ready for delivery.  So what ever your needs are we can help.  Conversions can be done on new or used vehicles that we have in stock or to one that you already own.  Used vehicles can be converted with all new interiors and conversion parts.  Full warranties are standard on new and used conversions.  Used vehicles are perfect for start up companies looking for a value.  If you are seeking a particular model we can have our specialized team locate what you are looking for.  We even have special finiancing options to help.

Sales Managers
(888) 280-VANS (8267)

Nick Chen - 
(888) 280-VANS(8267) ext.301

Aaron Burrows -​
(888) 280-VANS(8267) ext. 302 or (949) 903-6415

Tom Burrows -​
(888) 280-VANS(8267) ext. 307 or (949) 379-9449

Bill Kugel - 
(562) 385-4565

Tom Schauer - 
 (480) 433-9004

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